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Want to up your penny stock game? The volatility often seen in small caps can lead to a high level of excitement!
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September 2021


November 2021





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April 2021


April 2021





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October 2020


February 2021



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The Daily Crypto will be bringing you the top Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other crypto-related companies straight to your inbox. These are the companies with massive upside potential, taking advantage of a wave of new technology bringing us into the future. Our team has been involved in many deals to date, finding new breakthroughs, trading exchange platforms, blockchain-enabled startups, and more. With our expertise, we can weed through the thousands of fakers to bring you quality picks for your upside-play portfolios. will cover cryptocurrency and blockchain-related companies across multiple sectors, providing you early insight into one of the fastest-moving technologies in the 21st century.

Advanced picks based on Technical and Fundamental Analysis:

While many recommendations of new technology companies will focus on the story alone, we do a much deeper dive before our companies make it to your inbox. We monitor these companies from private to public, using our decades of combined experience to analyze the fundamentals of each company. We also study the indicators, technical breakouts, and do a thorough chart analysis. These company recommendations are vetted far before they make their way onto your portfolio radar.

Upside Information for the Masses

Quality stock picks for our readers is our mantra. However, we do not want you to have to read through the quarterly financials, management discussion & analysis, or do a deep dive into company comparables. We ensure our communication to you is concise, and we only highlight the key aspects of what makes these stock plays attractive. Subscribers also gain access to our continuous monitoring to keep track of the latest on these companies. Our subscribers stay up-to-date with the latest developments and financial performance of all stocks we highlight.

Inside Insight

Our team has extensive experience in bringing small-cap companies to the attention of our subscribers well before they actualize their intrinsic value. Our capabilities in data analytics combined with our industry experience will give our subscribers the edge that they need. Our history of finding opportunities in companies that are not covered by mainstream outlets is yours to take advantage of.

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